(Italiano) Cesoia PC AC 500 Vezzani

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Cutting forceton. 500
Box dimension
Lenghtmm. 6300
Widthmm. 2000
Cutting widthmm. 600-850
Blade widthmm. 900
mm. 630
Vertical hold down
max thrustton. 100
max heightmm. 1600
mm. 800
max thrustton. 100
mm. 1000
Cycles per minute3.5-4.5
Installed powercv. 264
Max exercise pressurebar 215
Cutting capacity
Platemm. 55x600
Roundmm. 130
Squaremm. 115
mm. 3955
Lenghtmm. 12500
Widthmm. 4900
Heightmm. 5100
OptionalsRadio control

Shear Baler Taurus T 645

SHEAR BALER TAURUS T 645 , fully refurbished ad cartified CE.
Shearing force 600 ton.
Box of compression length 6 mt. with two oscillating covers ( wings ).
The floor of the box of compression is equipped with new wear plates in Hardox.
Shear baler, speed in its productive cycle, easy to use, rugged structure, it can produce also bales whose measures are 600×900 mm.
In order to have more informations regarding this shear baler Taurus, download the technical sheet in the following link: https://www.rimisas.it/uploads/PRESSA-CESOIA-TAURUS-T-645.pdf or contact us by mail, we will be glad to supply you further data.

Inclined Shear Vezzani PC 650 AC

SHEAR VEZZANI PC 650 AC , shearing force 650 ton, feed box inclined 30 ° , this permit to the materials to fall down by gravity inside, a continuous feeding system that permit at this kind of Vezzanis to be very fast in the cycle of production and ideal for all kind of scrap work.
Machinery fully refurbished, certified CE, clothed with new replaceable wear plates in Hardox inside the box of compressione and on the compressors.
A real deal not to be wasted.

COMIR 30/30 Hydraulic Baling Press

Baler Press Comir P 30/30 , classic three stage baler, automatic baler that permit to produce an high dense bale whose measure are 300x300xlenght var. mm.
Ideal to press metals, aluminium, tins, fast in its productive cycle it guarantees the production of 100 bales in one hour.
Fully clothed with replaceable wear plates in Hardox and installed in a chassis. Are not required works of foundations to install this baler in the yard.