R.I.M.I. BALER P 35/35

The R.I.M.I. balers of the P 35/35 series belong to our medium sized automatic balers line, used for the compression of: metal scrap, tinplate, cans, iron sheet - within certain limits of length and thickness.

They are made up of two main bearing frames, the head unit and the power supply unit.

The box is mechanically machined and equipped with interchangeable corrugated sheets both at the bottom and on the sides, where the longitudinal, vertical and transversal pushers run.

During the first compression, shearing blades cut the material protruding from the box and prepare it for the next automatic cycle.

The ejection door allows the automatic discharge of the bundle; it slides along its interchangeable structural guides.

The hydraulic system is made up of a medium-sized tank and forged distributors, coated with phosphate, where logic and proportional valves are fitted, and of the motor-pump groups, developing its high production speed.

This type of press can be installed on a sturdy metal frame to avoid anchoring the machine to the ground, and therefore prevent expensive foundation works.

Charging hopperDimensions
lenghtmm. 1550
widthmm. 1250
heightmm. 350
Compression chamberDimensions
lenghtmm. 2500
widthmm. 1330
heightmm. 1000
widthmm. 350
heightmm. 350
average weightkg. 150/200
average densitykg/dmĀ³ 3.00-3.60
Cylinder thrust
Horizontalton. 130
Verticalton. 230
Transversalton. 270
Installed power
Main motorsKW 225
Cooling unitsKW 11
Motors voltageVolt 380
Aux. controls voltageVolt 110/24
Frequencyhz 50
Hourly productionbales / hour 110-130
Operating pressurebar 280-300